Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emberley Galaxy available now!

Update: I'm no longer selling Emberley Galaxy through this site, but you can still buy it through me on Amazon.

Emberley Galaxy: A Tribute to Ed Emberley is finally here!
It's 60 pages of comics and drawings based on Ed Emberley's drawing books.
Scroll down to earlier entries in this blog for more details and some previews.
It'll cost you $12 + $3 shipping and handling.
If you need more than one copy, or are ordering from outside the US, please write me first!
Look in the comments below for my email address.


  1. Wow, how could i have forgotten about mr. ed emberley. I'll have to dig the old big green drawing book out of my parents basement and pick up a copy of this tribute. the man deserves his credit for teaching a generation of kids to draw.

  2. Just used paypal and it worked great. I love Ed Emberley!! Awesome idea. I will cherish it like the books!

  3. Hi Joe, I am from Singapore, how do I get a hold of this book. Thanks!