Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ed Emberley Classics

Most likely if you're an Ed Emberley fan you've come to love his work through his drawing instruction books. Or maybe someone read Go Away, Big Green Monster! out loud to you, or you checked Drummer Hoff out of the library every other week.
But Emberley has been drawing books for decades and has dozens of titles to his name, drawn in an array of styles.

This cool but confounding site has beautiful illustrations from several out of print Ed Emberley picture books. (Scroll down and click on the red icon next to each title.)
The spread shown above is from Wing On A Flea.


  1. Weird. This is pretty sharp, and it looks a lot like the stuff that Islands Fold is putting out now. Guess they wear their influences pretty proudly, which is a-ok with me.

  2. And holy crap! I totally had (and loved) that "The Bottom Of The Sea" book when I was a little tiny kid and never even knew it was Emberley.

  3. I had that book with me at SPACE! You missed out.