Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emberley Galaxy

I hope to finally have Emberley Galaxy: A Tribute to Ed Emberley available in just a couple of weeks.

It will cost you $12, it's 60 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", mostly in black and white, and features interpretations of Emberley from 19 different artists. Here's the role call:

Rina Ayuyang
Jeffrey Brown
Chris Cornwell
Warren Craghead
Toby Craig
Cansafis Foote
Jack Fraley
Stefan Gruber
Sam Henderson
Alex Holden
Dave Kiersh
Matt Kish
Joe Kuth
Doug Meyer
Dan Moynihan
David Paleo
Dalton Webb
C. Spencer Yeh
Dan Zettwoch

Ed Emberley is the artist and author responsible for an amazing series of drawing instruction books for kids that first appeared in the 70's, and have been staples on the shelves of libraries and bookstores ever since.
You may remember, like me, finding the Drawing Book of Animals or the Big Green Drawing Book on the shelves of the public library, or using whatever was available from the bookmobile, and drawing from them feverishly. Like me, many artists I know have learned a lot from these books and still enjoy having them around both for reference and for fun.

Many people will recognize Emberley's books without necessarily knowing his name, so if you're still in the dark you may want to check out previews at
, or see . Or better yet, just find the books themselves. Get the old editions, I do not recommend the current editions in botched vertical format.

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